Leveraged Lending

Foresters Asset Management Inc. is happy to be able to give advisors access to the B2B lending institution. Remember it is you the advisor who is responsible to ensure that leveraged lending is suitable for the client as this can have undue risk when misapplied. We encourage you to use leverage lending conservatively and believe that you need to provide a high level of care to clients who are using a leveraged lending strategy.

Who is it suitable for?

Leveraged lending can be effective for clients with long-term investment goals, adequate financial sophistication and resources, and the capacity to accept the risks inherent in borrowing to invest.
Here are some questions to ask before recommending a leveraged lending strategy:

  • What is the client’s financial goal?
  • Does the client have a sufficient net worth?
  • Does the client have adequate income?
  • Does the client have other debts?
  • Is the client comfortable with risk and commitment to the strategy?

RRSP Loans

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